It all started...

During my previous career in charity, I organized a team of photographers to travel with me to the deep and dangerous slums of Guatemala for a photojournalism project. About 2 weeks before departure, the photographers on my team canceled their involvement. With little time to compose a new team of professionals, I braved the journey with just myself, a translator and a Canon t3i/50mm lens. While in Guatemala, I experienced many stories involving eclectic people, traditional food, cool-toned colors and the vivid culture they had created. The message I took home from Guatemala was that powerful stories are authentic. They serve a purpose and leave an impression on the audience that is hard to ignore. They were joyful and many times painful.


Since my project, I’ve grown and operated as a photographer of messages. You could be an individual applying for the job of their dreams. You could be a consultant on the verge of “going big”. Your company could be unveiling their beautiful menu of artisan dishes. Regardless, you have a narrative and a message to give. With my creative strategy and photography skills I will help visually communicate your story.